Resources of the Church Growth Institute


Defining Characteristics of Churches That Thrive is a case study of a thriving church that includes a survey and summary of forty years of church growth literature where factors that help churches grow are identified and presented.

The presentation outlines these factors from a perspective of movements. Churches are both born of movements, and some churches are themselves a movement or in turn create other movements. The vision and values of any given local church are often tied to the movement from which the church came.

Biblical and Theological foundations are reviewed and an extensive bibliography of other church growth literature is presented as well. This book is a must have for every church growth practitioner who wants to work at helping both the local and the global church grow. Click Here to Order a Copy


Church Planting has been called the single most effective evangelistic strategy under heaven. This article Church Planting: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Looking Up, Looking Out takes a look at church planting from each of these four perspectives.

Real world dynamics of church planting are covered while the article interacts with both the experience of the author as well as the experience of other experts in the field as well. At least four different kinds of churches all have a role to play in church planting. There is the traditional or already established church, the brand new church, churches that are not doing so well and almost near closing their doors, and there are churches that are doing so well they have to plant multiple sites at multiple campuses in order to continue doing what they are doing.

An extensive bibliography on church planting is presented as well. This article is a useful addition to the toolkit or library of anyone involved in, or thinking about planting a church. Click Here to Order a Copy


Timeless Growth Principles from the Movement of Hans Nielsen Hauge is an article about the revival movement of Hans Nielsen Hauge. Hans Nielsen Hauge was a Norwegian revivalist who preached the gospel at a time when a large number of people were moving out of Norway to especially the United States. Present day implications of the impact of immigration and emmigration today for the gospel are also covered as well. A number of timeless church growth principles are identified which can be viewed historically and are also true today. They dynamics by which God works drawing people to himself can be seen in both the past and in the present.

The bibliography included in the article is weighted toward works citing the timeless growth principles. An additional more extensive bibliography is available separately which provides further depth to the historical citations.

Traditionally-minded church groups may especially enjoy this article as well as those who are interested in revival and church growth in any day and any age. Click Here to Order a Copy


Onward and Upward is a musical selection that sings about key ideas involved in church growth. This teaching song is available in both video and audio formats. In the video the words of the song are presented so you can sing along.

Recent research in church growth has focused on what is involved in taking a church to a next level. It has been discovered that size constrictions tend to cluster around different levels, and that in order to move from one level to the next additional steps need to be taken. Building on the work of Dr. Gary McIntosh this song sets those key ideas to music. You can sing this song as you grow your church from one level to the next.

The ideal place to show this video is at a pastor's conference or similar venue. Please contact us for bulk pricing or for making arrangements for licensing a public viewing. Click Here to Order a Copy


Our primary resource at the Church Growth Institute is our consultation services. We provide church growth consulting services in the tradition of Donald McGavran, C. Peter Wagner, Win Arn and Gary McIntosh. Church Growth means different things to different people. At The Church Growth Institute our definition of Church Growth is to continue the work of Donald McGavran to help churches grow by carring out the Great Commission of Mt 28:18-20 which Jesus Christ gave to his church and to those who would follow in his steps, his disciples.

Just like when you go to the medical doctor you don't always want to take the time to study all the books out there about the various health conditions, treatment plans, and medicines. Instead you go see the doctor and he or she can give you a prescription on what to do to improve your health today. Likewise, having a church consultant come to your church can help point your church on the road to growth more quickly. We can be reached at to schedule a consultation or for more information.